Hi, I'm Paul Datta

I am a technologist with a passion for the Internet and the digital world.

I work in Tata Consultancy Services and Head Digital Workplace for the APAC region. I enjoy building solutions that run at cloud scale with a strong focus on the Microsoft O365 ecosystem. I am also interested in information and network security.

In a past life, I worked as a Research Scholar in the Yale Institute of Network Science with the The Human Nature Lab to study cooperation, coordination and collusion in the workplace.

My Specialities are -
Future of workEmployee ExperienceCollaboration and KnowledgeAI And AutomationGamification and Behavior ScienceJazz Blues Guitar
I pursue and invest in at least one hobby a year and this discipline has led me to explore and get better at photography, videography, gaming, amateur track motorcycling and more recently – lead guitar.
If you need someone to jam with let me know.

My history is on LinkedIn. Links down below -

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